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The renter's guide to end of lease cleaning

The last thing you want to think about when you’re moving house is the cleaning. But if you want your bond back you’re going to have to exert some elbow grease – or save your time and energy and get someone else to do the end of lease cleaning for you. You’ll forgo your bond unless you leave your rental property spick and span for the next tenant. Bond money is normally equivalent to a full month’s rent so is worth cleaning for! It will no doubt come in handy at moving time due to the long list of moving expenses.   End of lease cleaning costs Sometimes you need to spend a little in order to save and this is definitely the case when it comes to hiring professionals to do your end of lease cleaning. End of lease cleaners start from just $15 per hour, with the average hourly rate around the $30 mark. If you’re after an all inclusive package you can expect to pay a flat fee of $250.   What do you get for your money? For $250 you’...

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